We are delighted to announce that the winner of September’s fish of the month competition was George Potter for his 22lb 6oz Common caught from our Specimen Lake. Congratulations to George who has won 24hrs free fishing at Hawkhurst. October’s competition winner will be announced in the next issue. Sadly, this will be the last fish of the month competition of the year, but the competition will start again in March next year. With the competition becoming considerably more popular every month, we have had many photos sent in which have helped us, to keep you up to date with what’s being caught. We would like to thank everyone who has participated this year and hope that you will continue to support us and send in your catch reports throughout 2014!

With the rare, but delightful British summer time now sadly over, autumn is upon us. The nights are getting longer and while day temperatures can still be really nice, the nights are beginning to get a bit chilly. Regular baiting keeps the fish focused and, at times, they will eat it in quantity as they build themselves up for the bleakest time of the year.  Many anglers look forward to fishing in the autumn as it is a time that can be especially productive. The carp start to feed in order to build up their energy levels for the forthcoming winter and the drop in water temperature, combined with increased oxygen levels, means the carp are in great condition and often at their highest weights. The perfect time to aim for that final success before the cloak of winter shrouds the countryside.

Main Lake – Last month the lake fished really well with the majority of anglers going away with a new PB and/or a successful session under their belt. Ian Taylor who has been absent from his rods for a while came back with a vengeance netting a pristine 27lb Common. Barry Townsend from Bromley travelled down for a 48hr stint and had his best session for a long while bagging 4 Commons of 20lb, 20lb 4oz, 21lb 2oz and 27lb and a 30lb 2oz Mirror. Jordan Hagger went away chuffed after a 48hr session netting a 28lb 4oz Mirror caught using active-8 tipped with fake yellow corn with a small scattering of freebies. This was also Jordan’s new PB! Jordan Hassan fished from peg 12 catching a 26lb Common and a 28lb Mirror.  Luke Oliver had a 17lb 10oz Common on sticky baits krill and Matt Rudd netted a beautiful 30lb 2oz Mirror from Peg 10 using a mixture of pellet and fishing maize and fake corn over the top. Harry Sharp fished for 48 hours through some challenging weather conditions and had 17.9Ib Mirror, 21Ib Mirror, 22Ib Common and 24Ib Common. Ollie Claridge netted a pristine 23lb Common and Ashley Waters had 2 Cats of 19lb 2oz and 39lb 7oz – Ashley’s new PB! Justin Mead had a beautiful fully scaled 13lb Mirror and two other Mirrors weighing in at 20lb 8oz and 25lb 5oz.

Dove Lake – Has started to produce well. Dean Carroll had 2 Commons weighing in at 18lb and 23lb. Ben Sturges from Sutton Valance fished a 24hr session and had a 20lb Common and 22lb 3oz Mirror. Michael Rytlewski caught a pristine 27lb Mirror on cell tipped with pink corn fished over crushed boilies/hemp/corn. Dan Bear fished the margins during a 24hr session and caught a lovely 20lb 1oz Ghostie on mixed particle and corn. Jim Griffiths had a 23lb Common.

Specimen Lake – Has continued to fish steadily. George Potter (our fish of the month winner) fished for a week, once his baiting spots got going he managed to net 6 fish in the last 3 days of his session – a 22lb 6oz Common, 19lb 2oz Common,32lb Mirror, 22lb 5oz Mirror,21lb 8oz Mirror and a 25lb 3oz Common. Ashley Reeves fished a 24hr ticket and had a 26lb Common. Kevin Eighteen had a 36lb 5oz Mirror, 27lb 10oz Mirror and a 32lb 4oz Mirror.