Four Trees

About the Lake


A beautiful pleasure lake open for day tickets only. This lake sits at 3/4 acre, and is surrounded by trees. It features a large island. It is the ideal lake for anglers aiming for a quiet yet productive days fishing, as it holds a good head of tench, and stunning carp up to 20lb! This lake can be challenging at times, but if you get your technique right, it really is a rewarding lake. It is a natural lake which has only been open to anglers for a few years, as it was previously a stock pond. It has since been transformed for anglers, with complete stocking and 8 jetties built. There is an adjoining car park- furthest swim is 95mt from car park but the rest are within 50mt. Water depth reaches 12ft by the car park/dam end, with shallows of roughly 3ft. 

 If you’re looking for a fun days fishing then this is the lake to go for!

We ask that you use a 10lb minimum breaking strain line, a 32″ landing net and medium padded unhooking mat.


Hook size: 6-8 if targeting carp, 10-12 if targeting tench.
Baits: Small baits usually work well for Tench- corn is a popular choice! If you are after carp, boilies or pellets should do the trick. 


Fishing Prices

Adult (Day Ticket 7am - 7pm) - £15.00 | Junior (Day Ticket 7am - 7pm) - £ 15.00

Office hours

If you have any queries, please get in touch with the office- open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Closed bank holidays and weekends.

How to Book!

We do not take advance bookings for Four Trees Lake.  This is a day ticket only lake. You can turn up (gates open from 7am) and speak to the bailiff to start fishing.