Dove Lake

About Dove Lake


If you’re looking for a more relaxed peaceful days fishing away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Lake then Dove Lake is the one for you. At two acres in size it’s slightly smaller than the Main Lake but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s a reflection of the size of fish! With both Common and Mirror carp over 36lb this specimen carp water offers some of the best specimen fishing in Kent and Sussex. Our current lake records are: a whopping 66lb Catfish caught in October 2020 by Tom Jenner (previously: 63lb 12oz Catfish caught by Dave Honeysett in April 2019), a 38lb Mirror caught most recently by Daniel Dowley in September 2018, and a 34lb 8oz Common caught by Tom Marshall in April 2019 (a 36lb 8oz Common was stocked in May 2019 but is yet to be caught!). 

Don’t be fooled into thinking the fish will give themselves up easily, as a stealthy approach is recommended to trip up these elusive monsters. With two islands and attractive reed lined margins, there are plenty of areas to target in your quest for a big specimen. There are 8 swims to choose from but we allow a maximum of 6 anglers at any one time to prevent over crowding and give anglers their own water to fish to. The depth ranges from 2 feet around the islands and shelves down to 8 feet in the deeper holes which are worth finding in the cooler months. The bottom can be described as silty clay with no weed present although the margins can be quite leafy so pop-ups are worth a try. We are sure that if the Main Lake doesn’t appeal to you then the Dove Lake should definitely be worth a try!

Fishing Prices

Adult (12 hrs: 7am - 7pm) - £20.00 | Junior (12hrs: 7am - 7pm) - £ 15.00 | Adult (24hrs) - £35.00 | Junior (24hrs) - £26.00 | Spectators are charged at 50%


Dove lake is a little different to the Main lake as it is a lot smaller and the water can be quite clear at certain times of the year. This has led to the fish being wiser and able to detect anglers presence. A stealthy approach is recommended on Dove lake and heavy baiting almost never works. A good tactic is to fish the open water between the island and the bank when it’s cooler and to fish nearer to the margins when it’s warmer. The fish can often be seen cruising around on hot days so finding them is sometimes made easier. The margins can be quite leafy on the bottom so it’s worth experimenting with different presentations to try to combat this. Far too many people seem to head for the ‘comfy’ swims on this lake and set up using mallets to hammer in pegs etc. The first thing the fish will do is head for the safety of the other side of the islands and the snaggy areas to avoid capture. If anglers spend time reading the water and looking for the subtle signs of fish they may well be rewarded for their efforts.

Boilies again work well on Dove lake, no one type works best but something that smells nice and strong is a safe bet- why not try Mainline (cell or link), Proper Baits (Hot Squid, Crunchy Nut or Black Seal), cc Moore (Pacific Tuna), or Sticky Baits (Manilla or Krill). We’d recommend fishing in conjunction with a scattering of pellets, particle or spomb mix. Particles and corn can also work well as do maggots in the colder months.


Ask the bailiff onsite for some tips if you're struggling as Dove lake has some awesome fish which are well worth the effort if you put the time in.

How to Book! 

Day ticket anglers do not need to book. But please be aware anyone booked in for 24hrs or more will take priority, so please call the office on the number below to check availability before your visit.

Sessions of 24hrs or more must be booked in advance and paid for in full upon booking. Payment can be made over the telephone via a credit or debit card.


All bookings are final; we are unable to offer refunds or change the dates of your session. 

If you are unable to make your session or if you have to leave during your session for any reason, unfortunately we are unable to issue a refund. However, if adverse weather conditions occur that cause the lakes to become un-fishable please contact the office on the number below to reschedule your session.

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