As mentioned in the report the Main Lake Catfish have been very active lately and those targeting them have caught some magnificent specimens. The carp have been feeding well, mostly in the early mornings and late afternoons as well as throughout the night. The upcoming weeks will be the best time to be on the bank as the fish will start feeding ready for the cooler months that will be upon us sooner than we all would like. Historically spring and autumn have been the most productive times of year and we predict this year’s catches will follow the trend after the very hot weather starts to cool.

Main Lake – has been fishing steadily although during the hot days the fish seem to be more interested in cruising around rather than feeding, however as the temperature drops in the early evening they soon start to feed again. Anglers have been making the most of this cooler period with many of our larger carp being hooked during this time. Remember it’s not necessarily what bait you use that matters but the location and feeding pattern that makes the difference. Remember not to bait too heavily as people are fishing the lakes all the time and there will generally be bait in the swim when you arrive. Wayne McKenzie fished from swim 14 and netted a 39lb 4oz Catfish, Tom Dickinson fished a 48hr session with the intention of setting out to catch his first ever Catfish and managed to do so hooking into an impressive 37lb 4oz Cat on a polly ball rig with chicken liver on the hair. Needless to say Tom now has his PB set! Brendan Bristow also bagged his new PB in the form of a 36lb 4oz Common. Adam Johnson and Vlad Andrei both caught what we would consider to be ‘magnificent specimens’ with Adam having a 42lb 4oz Cat and Vlad a phenomenal 61lb Catfish! Vlad has now set the record for the largest Cat out this year so well done Vlad! Jon Phillips had a successful 24hrs having a beautiful scaled Mirror weighing in at 22lb 2oz along with a 38lb 12oz Catfish.

Dove Lake – Has also been fishing well, in fact what was once considered a hard lake has proved to be relatively easy for those putting in the effort to find the fish. The fish are easier to spot in this lake due to its clearer water. Don’t fish too tight to the islands as it’s really shallow here and the fish will tend to just be sunbathing if they are in these areas.  Ben Vidler fished a 24hr session and reported a 28lb Mirror and 22lb Common. Matt Hurley also fished a 24hr session and caught a stunning 36lb Mirror. Guys we would love to see some photos! Hugo Bartlett had a Cat of 30lb on Halibut Pellet followed by 2 Commons of 26lb and 27.5lb.

Specimen Lake – has had the odd quiet spell but has remained steady for the best part. We’ve seen a few members smash their sessions however the majority of you seem to be a little on the shy side and do not hand in catch reports!

Ashley Reeves fished a 24hr session and netted a 28lb Mirror. Dave Burton fished for 24hrs catching 3 carp from 21.5lb to 25.8lb.