May has in recent years proved to be the best month for catching here at Hawkhurst Fish Farm, particularly on Main Lake! We are hoping that this year mirrors the success of last year and that the mild temperatures we have been experiencing of late don’t turn into a cold snap.

All of our lakes were on great form last month with many anglers having an overly eventful session which always creates an eagerness to get back on the banks for another go. We have seen some stunning fish caught so far, more than a few double runs and several new PB’s which we hope will continue well into this year!


Please remember our popular ‘Fish of the Month’ Competition is now underway! If you are interested in winning 24hrs FREE Fishing on one of lakes all you need to do is send your photos along with a short catch report to  All entries are posted on our website and facebook page so we can keep you up to date with all the latest catch reports. Please do try and email your entries as due to the amount of hits on our facebook page, posting on our timeline can sometimes get missed!

We have seen several anglers over the past few months using 3 rods. Please remember that there is a 2 rod limit on the WHOLE complex. The use of 3 rods is NOT prohibited after the 1st March.

Main Lake has welcomed several new faces and has certainly encouraged them to return to the banks with the majority of anglers having run after run throughout their session. Spicy squid has certainly proved to be a worthwhile bait. Several of our successful anglers have also fished 11mm coarse pellet over a bed of their own boilies. We think this success is due to the fact that we feed our fish with these pellets during our closed period.  Darren Rogers fished a 36hr session from swim 2, netting 13 mid doubles, 2 double Catfish and a 21lb 8oz Common on small pva bags, needless to say his next session is already booked! David Burton netted 12 carp within a 24hr session! He caught 3 of those within 8 minutes of starting, including a 23lb Mirror! Christopher Cogan caught a lovely 33lb Mirror carp on cell boilies. Lee Fayers netted his PB on 18mm Cell Boilie over a small bed of pellets; being a 23.5lb Common. Tony Bond had a 24lb Mirror from peg one, caught using Mainline cell. Tim Russell had a 27lb Common and a beautiful 24lb Grass Carp on Krill. Richard Cleavley fished his first session here at Hawkhurst from peg 14 and had an impressive 34lb Mirror on home-made cell boilies with an added secret recipe on a bed of pellet.  Chris Greening netted what is the biggest catch of the year so far from this lake, a 37lb 4oz Common on spicy squid and in the middle of a monsoon!


Dove Lake has really woken up and a run of form (at long last!). Last month we saw most of our anglers go away beyond chuffed with their session due to continuous runs and some stunning carp being tamed into the net. Maggot clip and pop-up sweetcorn are both working well. Dan Harding fished a 48hr session catching 8 Commons up to 20lb, also of 20lb 1oz, 21lb and 24lb 12oz’ and 5 Mirrors weighing in at 19lb, 22lb, 23lb 12oz, 26lb and an impressive 36lb! Dean Baker netted a respectable 27lb Common, also 5 other carp from 14lb to 19lb on pop-up sweetcorn. Charlie Armstrong had a 20lb 7oz Mirror, 16lb Common and 2 Commons of 14lb on boilie pop ups. Tom Hayler  fished a 36 hour session  and had 4 fish on catcher bait monster crab and black fruit, he fished a cork ball pop up on a stiff hinged rig netting a 17lb common , 18.5lb Catfish, 20.5lb common and a lovely Grass Carp at 24lb 10oz a new PB for Tom!


Specimen Lake went through a quiet spell at the beginning of last month but has had a run of form recently with Simon Evans having a 28lb 6oz Mirror, Paul Kent a 26lb Mirror and Richard Brown a 29lb Mirror and 17lb Cat. One of our new members who wishes to remain anonymous, fished swim 4 and netted Mirrors weighing in at 22lb, 23lb, 25lb, 2 of 28lb and 1 of 35lb, as well as a 24lb Common! David Westwood despite being a little unfortunate to get caught in one of very few downpours we’ve seen over the past few weeks, managed to catch 2 mirrors on white mainline pop up with some korda goo. The first weighed in at 22lb and the second 35lb which was a stunning, pristine Mirror carp also his new PB! This was his first time fishing the lake so well done Dave! Dan Rooney fished a 36hr session and netted another stunning, beautifully coloured Mirror at 26lb followed by a 23lb Common. John Stonestreet had 2 very stunning fish both in pristine condition; both came to cc moore boilie’s, a scale perfect 25lb 4oz Common and a stunner of a Mirror weighing in at 28lb. Ian Taylor fished this lake for the first time from peg 3 and had a 32lb 4oz Mirror and a 28lb Common. Ian fished two baits over a scattering of boilies (stickybaits vortex) the rig was a simple short 6″coated braid hook, linked straight through to a size 6 curve with a supple hair. Hook bait was white pop up snowman.

Junior Lakes – Our junior ponds are open 7 days a week, 10am until 5pm including bank holidays!  Booking is not required, rods and nets are available to hire if you do not have your own.