Hawkhurst Fish Farm

Latest News and Catch Reports

With Spring now underway the surroundings have become noticeably more attractive here at Hawkhurst Fish Farm, what with the daffodils in bloom, the plant life springing back to life and our collection of exotic wildfowl pairing off ready for nesting it’s no surprise the lakes have started to fill up with anglers eager to get back behind their rods after a long, miserable, wet winter. We was graced with more than a few days of beautiful sunshine at the beginning of last month and since then, as per usual, the great British weather has been a little unpredictable with the occasional shower and warm sunny spells interspersed with blustery winds and chilly overnight temperatures.

The carp have just started to wake up and look for food which has resulted in some nice fish being caught from all of our lakes. We are hoping this year is as (if not more) productive than last year and that we can welcome some new faces as well as some more familiar ones to the complex.


This month also welcomes the return of our popular ‘Fish of the Month’ Competition! If you are interested in winning 24hrs FREE Fishing on one of lakes all you need to do is send your photos along with a short catch report to info@hawkhurstfishfarm.co.uk All entries are posted on our website and facebook page so we can keep you up to date with all the latest catch reports.


Main Lake has been a bit hit or miss over the past few months but has in recent weeks started to show some activity. Spring is the time the water temperature starts its initial rise which allows cold-blooded carp to become a little more active and go in the search of food. The increased demand for energy creates the need for carp to begin feeding frequently and as a result, you’ll stand a better chance of catching a big carp. Boilies prove to work well on Main Lake this time of year as many contain a wider range of complete nutrition for the carp.

Harry Saunders fished a 36 hour session and had a double run brace of carp, a 22.2lb Mirror and a 26.5lb Common. He also netted carp of 12lb and 18lb. Harry said it was cold and hard fishing but with watching the water he was rewarded. Harrys captures were all caught on 14mm Nash bait TP. Sydney Claudel fished 24hrs and had a 21lb 6oz Common. Jake Carley also fished a 24hr session and netted a beautiful 20lb Common. Lee Fayers caught a 23.5lb Common


Dove Lake hasn’t been fished much recently, but what with several large carp being spotted on the surface it has enticed some of our more regular anglers over form their usual choice of lake to give bagging one or more of the elusive Dove Lake carp a shot! Dove lake is a little different to the Main lake as it is a lot smaller and the water can be quite clear at certain times of the year. This has led to the fish being wiser and able to detect angler’s presence. A stealthy approach is recommended on Dove lake and heavy baiting almost never works. A good tactic is to fish the open water between the island and the bank when it’s cooler and to fish nearer to the margins when it’s warmer. Simon Evans netted a 20lb Common and Chris Waddle fished 24hrs and had a 23lb Mirror.


Specimen Lake started off quiet at the beginning of last month but has since started to pick up and we have seen several stunning carp caught. David Burton fished a 24hr session and had a great run early on netting a 20lb Common and a pristine 27lb Mirror. Michael Lawrence fished a 48hr session on peg 1, fishing a spread of cell boilies and sweetcorn in deep water and he bagged a 28lb 8oz Mirror.


Junior Lakes – Well done to Hannah Mills, who at the age of 8 caught a stunning 10lb 2oz Common from one of our junior ponds. Hannah starts the season off with this record, can you beat her??