Historically anglers have always viewed February as the hardest month to catch Carp. However, February fishing is when the Carp are in great condition. The winter colours are prominent and the Carp are near their top weights. Unfortunately, February also proved to be somewhat of a wet month here at the farm which deterred most of our anglers from the banks regardless. So we must hand it to those who braved the storms, fought the elements and sat determined as ever upon our banks to bag, what would be for most, their first carp of the year! There haven’t been very many brave souls fishing this month but those who have tried their luck, have enjoyed modest success.

Harry Pyne fished a 48hr session at the beginning of last month (February) a netted a respectable 24lb Common. Joshua Bingsly from Hastings decided upon a last minute day session due to calm in the storm and hooked a pristine 28lb 4oz Common on Pop-up corn over coarse pellet – an impressive feat considering!  Christopher Fogle also fished a 12hr session and managed to net a 20lb Mirror.


Dove Lake


As far as captures go there isn’t too much to report. Dove Lake hasn’t seen many anglers this month, but those few that have braved the weather have not done bad pitting their wits against the elusive carp that inhabit this lake. Known to be that little bit more challenging than Main Lake, anglers have opted more towards fishing Main until the colder months start to draw to an end. Brian Clarke fished a 24hr session and netted a 26lb Mirror in the last few hours of his session. Matt Barry fished 12hrs and caught a beautiful 19lb 6oz Linear Mirror.


Specimen Lake


A few of our members have made reoccurring appearances over the past few weeks despite the shocking weather conditions. David Burton was rewarded greatly after his trip down from Essex with a stunning 30lb 6oz Mirror caught fishing the margins using sweetcorn. This was within only 12hrs of his 24hr session which was cut short due to the severe downpours and also his UK PB! As a new member this was his first time fishing the lake so we shall look forward to seeing what Dave can achieve throughout this year! Patrick Thompson had a 27lb 3oz Common.