We are delighted to announce the winner of June’s Fish Of The Month Competition was Liam Drein for his chunky 30lb mirror caught from our specimen lake. Not only did Liam catch this impressive fish but also had two 20’s on a day session and has been our most consistent angler since the start of the Competition so he has definitely earned his 24 hours free fishing well done Liam!

This month’s competition is now well underway with lots of impressive catches already reported. Send in your catch reports and photos to info@hawkhurstfishfarm.co.uk and give us a brief description of how you caught the fish and what bait etc. Also which lake it was caught from and the date of capture. All entries must include a catch report and your contact details to be considered for the prize.

With summer well and truly underway now we have seen lots of keen anglers wetting a line in our three main Specimen waters. Lots of juniors have joined us on their days off school and parents have enjoyed sunning themselves whilst their youngsters have a whale of a time. You would think with all the high pressure and temperatures soaring above 30 degrees it would be difficult fishing at the moment but actually it’s been quite the opposite.  Some of the biggest fish have again been out this month including a 35lb mirror from Dove Lake a 39lb common from Main Lake and several mid to upper thirties from Specimen Lake. The catfish have been really active with several upper thirties from Main Lake and at least one fifty. The daytimes have been tricky with fish cruising around near the surface giving away their presence but as the temperatures drop in the evenings the fish have been feeding hard to replenish their energy stores spent during the day. Early mornings have also been good and this can be a good time to spot where the fish prefer to feed. Heavier baiting has worked on occasions but it still seems that fishing small patches of bait for one fish at a time is the way to go. Boilies and pellets being the preferred method but maggots and particles have long been a favourite for some of our regulars.


Main Lake – Has been surprisingly productive as historically when temperatures are high it has been difficult. Lots of thirties have been caught up to a 39lb common and a 35lb mirror which the bailiff witnessed but no catch report was sent in! Please remember to email in your catch reports so that we can keep track of fish captures and keep everyone up to date with how the lakes are fishing.

Charlie Stewart had his best session so far this year catching a 39lb Common our largest resident common and a 22lb 3oz common, he used Catcher Baits BS1 with Kiana Carp Almond Goo and a Muzza Rig over a spread of boilies. Ramunas Busma had a new PB in the shape of a 39lb catfish on Halibut pellet, Jordan Hassan had a 32lb 5oz mirror, Ollie Saunders fished a Kordatorial with Darrel Peck and enjoyed a good session, catching a 30lb mirror, a 27lb mirror, a 22lb mirror, a 20lb common, a 23lb common, an 18lb Catfish and a 13lb Common well done Ollie and thanks to Darrel for your visit. Matt Phipps and Freddie Luff had a good session between them catching nearly 20 fish including a 25lb common, a 24lb common, a 21lb mirror, a 23lb mirror, 2 x 17lb commons, 4 x 15lb commons, 24lb common, 19lb catfish, 17lb common and a few under 10lb which they didn’t weigh. Mark Schoultz had a 36lb Catfish and his mate Nick Hall had a 50lb PB Cat. Josh Wannacot had a 33lb Mirror and a 19lb cat on Cell, Tom Williams had a 24lb mirror, a 24lb common, a 27lb common and a 35lb cat on Cell fishing tight to the out of bounds ropes. Johnny Brack had a cracking session catching 19 fish in total over 72 hours with us. He fished 10mm live system boilies over a particle mix and had 7 fish over 25lb well done JB! Robert Kipling caught a 32lb Catfish using luncheon meat and Halibut pellet, Jake Carling caught a 37lb cat and a 24lb common and a 21lb common using live system.

Dove Lake – Is usually considered to be the hardest of our lakes but lately it has fished really well and is becoming quite popular. Several nice looking fish have been caught and they seem to be darker in colour in this lake due to the clearer water. One of our bigger Mirrors known as Tatty Tail which we thought had possibly died got caught at 32lb 12oz it’s nice to know it’s still around as this fish must be over 25 years old! Jordan Hassan had a 28lb Common, Ollie Cox caught Tatty Tail at 32lb 12oz. Drew Richards had a 33lb Mirror and a 22lb common, Ryan Alingson had a 21lb common and a 17lb cat. Luke Jeffries caught a 31lb common using particles and fake sweetcorn and his mate Edward Short from Hastings had his best session yet with us catching two PB’s in the shape of a 28lb 12oz mirror and a 27lb 40z common along with a 6lb tench all caught using hemp and pellets with small boilies in the mix.

Specimen Lake –  Has fished well for those who know the tricks on there and several big fish to 36lb have been out. Like the Main Lake the daytimes haven’t been too productive but early evening and early morning have been the times to be sat by your rods as the fish have really been feeding hard over baited spots. It can take a while to build up your swim so it’s worth baiting an area and leaving it un-fished for a while to let the fish gain in confidence. Liam Drein our Fish Of The Month winner caught a 30lb mirror, a 22lb common and a 20lb common all on short sessions, Simon Evans caught a 23lb common and a 28lb mirror, George Potter had a great session catching fish of 23lb 14oz, 23lb 2oz, 22lb 2oz, 23lb 13oz, 30lb 2oz, 23lb 14oz, 22lb 8oz well done George! Torrence Grice and his girlfriend caught a 34lb mirror, a 26lb common and a 27lb common, Robert Edmonds had a cracking old warrior known as the scar fish at 36lb and a 26lb mirror, Scott Baker caught the smaller of our Blue carp at 37lb 8oz, Nick Drogman had a good few days catching the larger of our blue carp at 43lb, 24lb 6oz common, 29lb 11oz ghost, 21lb 10oz common, 15lb mirror, 25lb 4oz mirror, 16lb common, 31lb 12oz common, 28lb 3oz common all caught on cell well done Nick!