Specimen Lake

Members Only

 About the Lake

Specimen Lake is a members lake only. Its purpose is to cater for our most experienced anglers. You must have at least 5 years carp fishing experience and possess the equipment capable of landing and protecting large carp and catfish.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please read the rules and regulations below where a application form can be downloaded. Once completed, return the application form to us along with the signed copy of our rules and regulations. You will then be added to our waiting list. Please call the office on 01580 753813 for an estimated waiting time.

Membership is £100 per year

Home of some of our largest fish including catfish over 60lbs, Mirror and Common carp over 40lbs and a couple of rare blue carp which were originally stocked at 74lb and 65lb respectively. The two blue carp are a historical stocking and the only 2 in England! This lake is well stocked with over 200 fish of specimen size and an average weight of around 26lb.

It is not uncommon to see impressive feeding displays from these fish giving their whereabouts away and making locating them easier for the observant angler. At certain times of day and night depending on the time of year, fish can be heard crashing out and seen head and shouldering which are sure signs of feeding and at night you can sometimes hear the catfish feeding on the surface which can be quite exciting whilst waiting for a run. At around 4 acres and with 8 swims but a maximum of 6 anglers at any one time there is plenty of room for everyone and the lake is rarely fully booked.

The bottom of the lake has many features including gravel patches, silty gullies, raised plateaus and hard clay areas. Giving the experienced angler plenty of options when trying to find the fish. There is an island at one end where the lake shallows to around three foot then towards the dam end depths range from 6 foot down to 12 foot in places. Very few lakes in Kent and Sussex offer such a realistic opportunity of catching a thirty pounder and one of our anglers last year counted over 12 thirties in his best season yet.

There is a waiting list in operation for membership of this lake so it’s worth getting your name down if you plan to fish it in the future. Minimum tackle requirements do apply due to the size of the fish. A minimum of 2.75lb test curve rods with 12lb mainline are a must and a 42 inch landing net and large unhooking mat will be required to help protect our stock. You will have your tackle checked so please don’t apply to join if you don’t have the correct equipment.

Fishing Prices

Membership - £100.00 | 12 hour session £25.00 | 24 hour session £40.00


Specimen lake fish can be at times very greedy and heavy baiting can often score well if the conditions are right. It can be worth baiting an area for a while but fishing away from the bait to give the fish chance to get feeding and confident before you fish for them. Multiple captures can be had in this way and often the bigger fish slip up to this tactic. If fishing short sessions of 24hrs or less then fishing for one fish at a time with only a small amount of bait can be the way forward. The fish often give their whereabouts away by crashing out and fizzing so observing the water and building up a picture in your mind over a few sessions can give you the best chance of regular success.

All good quality boilies work well on Specimen lake with baits by Mainline and CC Moores being popular. Hemp and mixed particle is also popular and the Blue Carp often fall for a bed of mixed particles with maize or boilie fished over the top.

Try to find something that works for you and stick to it, it seems that there isn’t one particular tactic or bait that works on Specimen lake and if the fish are in a feeding mood you could be in for a good session however you choose to fish!

If you're looking for a quieter more exclusive fishing experience with an awesome stock of big fish then Specimen Lake is the one for you.

Rules & Regulations

  • No spectators permitted; fishing or non-fishing
  • Nets, mats, slings, boots to be disinfected in dip provided before fishing
  • Barbless hooks only – no crimped or micro barbs
  • Minimum 15lb line
  • No bent hook rigs – single hooks only
  • No keep nets or sacks to be used
  • No fish to be retained – unhooking mats to be used
  • No rods to be left unattended
  • Maximum of two rods unless otherwise stated by the owner
  • No bolt rigs – No fixed leads
  • Particle bait to be approved before use
  • No dead baiting
  • No floating bait
  • Fish to be held below knee level
  • Fishing in designated area only – no fishing allowed off dam side of lake
  • No fishing from islands or boats
  • No swimming or wading
  • No dogs, guns, radios or excessive noise
  • No fires or unsupported BBQ’s (must be raised from the ground), no continuous burning lights at night
  • Alcohol in moderation!
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes the use of any illegal substances; if found in your possession this will be treated as a legal matter and the police will be contacted
  • Anglers will be responsible for their own swims
  • Vehicles are to be returned to the designated parking areas once you have finished unloading – not left on the roadside or grassed area
  • WC only to be used
  • Please take your litter home
  • Anglers must be in possession of an Environment Agency rod licence
  • All members must be in possession of their membership cards at all times
  • The owner has the right to close the lake without prior notice
  • Tickets for Specimen Lake must be booked in advance. No refunds given once booked
  • Memberships available to 18’s and over only
  • Rates – £25 (day), £40 for 24 hours, £25 for 12 hour night session
  • No half day tickets available on this water
  • Membership is £100 per year
  • No trespassing into the adjoining fields or woodland. Anyone caught entering/leaving the fishery outside hours will be treated as a criminal and may be prosecuted
  • Any subject not covered in these rules is at the sole discretion of the bailiff or owner
  • The management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage or theft to persons, cars or equipment whilst on the complex and reserves the right to close all or parts of said             complex at any time. Damage to the complex will result in prosecution
  • Please ensure that you are packed up and ready to leave before your session finishes at either 7am/7pm in time for the next anglers session
  • No refunds
  • Please abide by the 5mph speed limit
  • For security purposes night fishermen’s vehicles will be locked in on the site at closing time until 7.00am the following morning. Anglers may leave during the night for emergencies only
  • This lake is exclusively for our most experienced anglers only. You must have at least 5 years’ experience in specimen angling and possess equipment that is capable of landing fish of 40lb +

Anglers will be deemed to have read the rules and regulations. Any angler causing an infringement will be asked to leave immediately, your membership will be revoked and no refund will be given. The Bailiff on site will make periodic checks. Any angler caught taking fish away will be charged with theft. Anglers fish at their own risk.

How to Book!

All sessions must be booked in advance and paid for in full upon booking.  Payment can be made over the telephone via a credit or debit card.


If you are unable to make your session or if you have to leave during your session for any reason, unfortunately we are unable to issue a refund. However, if adverse weather conditions occur that cause the lakes to become un-fishable, please contact the office on the number below to reschedule your session.